Friday, May 6


Dear Susannah,

Today I wanted to talk to you about Unravelling. I’ve taken your two courses and the whole experience was quite wonderful. I’ve never written you a testimonial and I’d like to change that now. The main reason I got so much out of this course was you. Your self reached out to me through the computer screen, got me talking and taking pictures, got me doing things I never thought possible.
You are the most wonderful lady for all sorts of different reasons. You are kind and funny, caring and understanding, empathising and sympathetic. You know exactly what it’s like to have dark days. (When I say dark days do not think of it as that slightly romantic sounding little phrase. Think of a pitch black room, searching fruitlessly for a light and a growing horror in your stomach.)
But most of all, Susannah, you are real. You are real in ways I only dream of as yet. (Telling people you don’t shave your legs on the internet, for instance ;) But more importantly, you are real in ways I couldn’t have dreamed of being two years ago. And yet I am doing precisely those things today. Things like writing a blog, sharing pictures and videos of myself on your courses, delving deep into the Unravelling process. So I think of you most often as someone slightly further along life’s journey than me. I see myself doing lots of things that you are doing now in five years time. Simply put, you’ve inspired me (and continue to) and have showed me the wonderful things that are possible if you have the courage to follow your heart.
Your courses were a revelation to me. I was instantly drawn into discussions on the board and commenting on the beautiful pictures other Unravellers were taking.  I love that you coined the word ‘Unravellers’. It felt like the feeling when you finally think of a good name for your childhood secret society. A sense of security, of belonging. I felt the camaraderie of the class banding together almost immediately. It felt like a safe place, this group of over 150 people. Each and every one felt like my friend.
When I imagined the courses beforehand, I imagined myself taking a back seat, staying in the background while others led the group. In truth, however, I was in the foreground, taking lots of pictures and sharing lots of information about my life and my aspirations. I think this is the true testimonial to how safe I found it. Safe yet engaging, challenging and secure, so interesting I would spend vast amounts of my day thinking about it. Family members would interrupt me with a far-away look on my face and ask me what I had been thinking about. The answer would invariably be Unravelling.
So what would I say to someone who was thinking of doing the course? I would tell them that even if they hated taking photos and writing, even if they didn’t want to share anything about themselves, even if they didn’t want to uncover what their dreams are, they would still learn something about themselves, because of their marvellous teacher.



  1. thank you so much, my love - really... i am humbled xoxoxo

  2. Thank you both for your comments :)

  3. Susannah is my friend in real life and I can tell you she absolutely walks the walk. I'm glad you got to spend time Unraveling with her and that she got you moving in your creative path. Your passion is evident! Kisses to you and Sus xo